The Sunken Dwaraka

 The real Dwaraka , which is sunken in the Arabian sea 

 History : 

The ancient Indian city of Dwarka is known in Hindu culture to have been the great and beautiful city of Krishna.

According to Mahabharata Lord Krishna established the Dwaraka city .  Krishna settled here after he defeated and killed his uncle Kansa at Mathura.

Dwarka has also been referred to throughout its history as "Mokshapuri", "Dwarkamati", and "Dwarkavati ".

According to  ancient religious texts Dwaraka was spread accross 84 km. and it was situated at where Gomati river and Arabian sea meet .

After the death of lord Krishna this ancient city was submerged by sea. 

Archeology  : 

Dwarka is not just a religious important but also archaeologically  significant . 

The first archaeological  excavations of Dwarka was conducted by the Deccan College of Pune in 1963 . they  excavated around the outside of the Dwarkadhish temple .

Archaeological investigations at Dwarka, both on shore and offshore in the Arabian Sea, have been performed by the Archaeological Survey of India. The first investigations carried out on land in 1963 revealed many artefacts.Excavations done at two sites on the seaward side of Dwarka brought to light submerged settlements, a large stone-built jetty, and triangular stone anchors with three holes. The settlements are in the form of exterior and interior walls, and fort bastions.

Archeologist Dr. SR  Rao submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Culture in January 2000, that aimed at preserving the ‘underwater cultural heritage of India Dwarka’ and also promoting it as a pilgrimage-tourism center.

Importance of Dwaraka Excavation.

It debunks mythological stereotyping of Mahabharata era.

In academic circles religious text books of Hindus are frequently targeted of being mythologies and devoid of any historical importance. Hindu Epic Mahabharata is no more in exception, before the discovery of the legendary city of Dwaraka, scholars were at loggerhead to accept the historical relevance of Mahabharata and widely inclined with the views that it would be futile to search for the remains of the ancient city and that too in the sea. Some even gone to the extent of saying that the Mahabharata battle was a family feud which was exaggerated into a war. Excavations of  Dr, S. R. Rao at Dwaraka proved  that the descriptions found in the texts are not to be discarded as fancy stories but are to be treated as based on logic and reasoning. Thus the results have proved that the account in Mahabharata as to the existence of a beautiful capital city of Dwaraka of Sri Krishna was not a mere figment of imagination but it did exist.

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