Ram Mandir , Ayodhya

 Ram Mandir 

Shri Ram(Rama) Mandir is an important  Hindu temple which is dedicated to the idol Shri Ram (Avatar of lord Vishnu ). This place is situated at the place which is considered to be the birthplace of Lord Ram , the main deity of Hinduism. 

In 2019, the Supreme Court of India ruled on the disputed land , stating that the land belongs to Hindus and a Ram temple can be built on it.
To begin the construction of Ram Mandir Bhoomipujan was performed on 5 August 2020. 

Recently the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the Ram temple in Ayodhya , Utter Pradesh. It was scheduled on 22 January 2024.

 Inauguration of Ram Mandir 


About Lord Rama 

Lord Rama was son of Dasharatha , king of Ayodhya. King Dasharatha had four son along with rama, lakshmana, Bharata, Shatrughana.

 performance of a sacrifice and by stringing a giant bow belonging to Shiva. By that feat, he wins his wife, Sita. After that Rama married to Sita, Avatar of goddess Laxmi ( wife of lord vishnu and goddess of money). 

The King of Ayodhya decided , Rama to be crowned. However, the queen Kaikeyi, owed a boon by Dasharatha, requests that her son, Bharata, be crowned and Rama banished to the forest for 14 years.To the dismay of the people of the kingdom, Rama, ever the faithful son, obeys and sets out into the wilderness with Sita and his brother Lakshmana.

In the forest the female demon Shurpanakha offered Rama to marry her but he refused and she is mutilated by Lakshmana. Then she returned to the island city of Lanka and tells her story to her brother, the -headed demon king Ravana. 
Hearing of Sita's beauty and in order of revenge his sister he decided to steal sita from Rama.
with the help of Hanumana and his monkey army, Rama builds a bridge to Lanka. In a great battle Rama kills the demon Ravana.

Rama did not want anyone to question Sita's Character and her dignity. So at first, Rama is reluctant to accept Sita back because he believes she is unfaithful, but she undergoes a trial by fire to demonstrate her chastity.

And then Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, and Hanumana returns to Ayodhya. Rama was crowned king and ruled over a prosperous dingdom.
 However, Rama banishes Sita because he continues to have questions about her faithfulness when she was imprisoned in Lanka. In the hermitage of the sage Valmiki, Sita finds safety while expecting Rama's twin sons, Lava and Kusha. Lava and Kusha learn the epic story of Rama from Valmiki, the supposed creator of the Ramayana, which they then recount to their father during a sacrifice.

As Sita blends in with the throng, Rama once more asks her to demonstrate her faithfulness. She swears that if she ever thought of any other man save Rama, may her mother, the Earth, open a chasm for her in front of all the gathering people and gods. To Rama's dismay, the ground opens, a throne appears, and she is instantly absorbed into the Earth.

According to the last book of the Ramayana, when Rama is nearing the end of his life, he encounters a sage who reveals to him that he is a divine being and asks that he return to heaven to be with the gods.

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